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Grant Worth
June 06, 2023
Category is: What is Life?

Dancorcism - Chiki Tiki Boom!

Video by Grant Worth
Song by Debbie D.
Starring Debbie D, Evan "Monkey Butter" Gehring @evanhehring, Maria Elena "Caribbean Queen" Lopez Frank, and Shabd "Panama Jill" Simon Alexander 
Written by Debbie Attias
Produced by Jeremiah Glazer and Debbie Attias
Outro Audio Produced by Grant and Tim Worth
Titles and Animation by Lauryn Siegel

🌈 💥 🐚 🎷🐛

Hello it’s me, Fun,

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Need a bio about loved ones, making things, creation—fabricating a tropical slot machine playhouse music video focusing on themes of joy, adventure, and collaborative practice in lieu of making a human baby:

Grant Worth, an aging, up-and-coming music video director was approached by his dearest original pal, a new, former DIY-Electroclash-PopStar-Turned-Healer artist, Dancorcism by Debbie Attias, who wanted a music video that would stand out from the usual tropes in the industry. In lieu of the narrative-driven video, completed for and with money in a few short weeks, the artist wanted to create something centered around “LOL-ing in the sun.” It would take a year to build, in Grant’s free time. 


  0. Flexibility: Unlike having a baby, creating a music video allows for flexibility in terms of time and resources.

  0. Cost-effective: Creating a music video is generally less expensive than having a baby, which can be a significant consideration for artists with limited financial resources.


  0. Short-lived success: The success of a music video is often short-lived, and the video may not have the same long-term impact as producing a human child.

  0. No legacy: Unlike having a baby, creating a music video will most likely sit in a lonely, lost YouTube stream for eternity and does not provide a continuation of one's family line.

  0. Limited personal growth: While creating a music video can be a creative outlet, it may not provide the same level of personal growth and development as raising a child.

  0. Risk of failure: There is always a risk that a grown baby may not be successful, which can be discouraging for parents and restrict their potential for life from getting very fancy


They shot on location on a remote island in Panama after celebrating questionably-post-pandemic New Year's Eve. The bright colors and natural beauty would serve as the perfect backdrop for the video's playful tone. The final product was a music-ish video unlike anything else in the industry, featuring vibrant colors, energetic dance routines, and catchy music that left viewers wanting more or less.

Access/orized Imagination, Appropriative Ingenuity, Ambient Insights, Artistic Immiseration, Alchemic Incipiency. Addicted to the unconscious slot machine collective. Mad-lib nostalgia dependency and word salad diet fads. Regardless of form, there’s little doubt Helium Miracle Attias Worth would tap dance across the cruel face of humanity.

The video quickly went viral, earning millions of views and attracting widespread attention from music fans, art critics, and digital insiders alike.

Welcome to the party,

Grant Worth Most

Quests and Themes: woo woo LOL slot machine Mad-lib island boom


Grant Worth
June 01, 2023
Category is: Town Clown

MUSIC VIDEO ONLINE SOOON! But until then, we party.

Chiki Tiki Boom!
Presented at The Hole, Tribeca
86 Walker Street
Saturday June 3rd, 2023
Reception 7pm

Video Premiere 8:30pm

Dance Party till 10pm
Soft Sculptures will be served

Hello it’s me, Fun,

Big $unny, No Whammies! Tropical playhouse days, artificially imagined evenings - get yourself a music-ish video that can do both. Adventure a viral ding dong bliss dance with your bestie? Well, pump up the BOOM! 

CHIKI TIKI BOOM! is a sweaty, Mad-lib nostalgia sensation, addicted to the unconscious slot machine collective. Brought to life by artist Grant Worth and musician-healer-Dancorcist, Debbie Attias. Shot on a remote island in Panama and caressed frame x frame, the video is a product of adventure, joy, collaborative practice, and “LOL-ing in the the sun.” Join us in tap dancing across the cruel face of humanity. Together we are the greatest sum.

Welcome to the party,

Grant and Debbie

Quests and Themes: Chiki Tiki Boom The Hole Gallery Tropical Pee-Wee


Grant Worth
May 27, 2023
Category is: What is Life?

Often ambient, occasionally active sonic story time! Sounds like a bargain doesn’t it? “Sail Away - Return Full Price” is the new composition by GTL - Grant, Tim, and Laura Worth. Last Summer, on a nearly sinking sailboat off the coast of Maine, we simultaneously harvested sounds and celebrated our parents’ 25th wedding anniversary. Together back on dry land, Tim knobbed the synth, Laura cooed her pipes, and Grant drove the laptop. Mixed and Mastered by Jeremiah Glazer. Come. Sail Away - It’s Free?! It must be GOOD! #GigaTunaLobsters


Quests and Themes: GTL choose your own adventure field recording maine modular synth musique concrète siblings and a life partner Brooklyn

Best Bunnies

Grant Worth
April 17, 2022
Category is: Town Clown

Good morning chickens, and happy Easter Glamour!

Easter Glamour 2022, Haunted Mansion

Analog NFTs. Let the bidding begin. Click on the image to peep the series.

1 - “A Collaboration with the Weather”

2 - “Please Remove the Host”

3 - “The Twig She Took”

4 - “Never Monkey with Another Monkey’s Monkey… but longer than that”

 5 - “Soft Zoltar”

6 - “The Murder Will Begin Shortly”

7 - “He Looks Like a Sex Doll That You Pay For”

8 - “Golfing on the Gaza Strip”

9 - “He got COVID at the Eagle”

10 - “Is Everybody Watching “Everybody Loves Raymond”?” 

Quests and Themes: polaroid manipulations bestbunnies easter glamour


Grant Worth
February 21, 2022
Category is: What is Life?

I created a series of studio shots for Joshua Thew's single 'CHANGES' - premiering this week on all the music places. Click on the image to view some selects.

Elizaveta Federmesser graciously let me incorporate stills of sculptures she created for her music video into the backdrops

Styled, Produced, and Dots Connected by Sean Suozzi

Quests and Themes: Changes Joshua Thew Studio


Grant Worth
February 18, 2022
Category is: What is Life?

I created several Polaroid manipulations for Joshua Thew's single 'CHANGES' - premiering today on all the music places. Click on the image to view the series

Styled, Produced, and Dots Connected by Sean Suozzi

Quests and Themes: Joshua Thew Changes Polaroid Studio


Grant Worth
January 17, 2022
Category is: What is Life?

UPDATE! You guessed it. I’m in a band now.

Tim clocked 40 rounds the sun during deep COVID, so the following year we celebrated 40/41 on the edge of Yellowstone in Montana. Tim and Laura roadtripped with a modular synth snuggled in the back seat. We immediately rearranged all the furniture and made the living room our recording studio. We captured the park’s Earth sounds and incredible megafauna living their lives. We chose samples and fed them into the synth. From Tim’s hour long performance, we created more samples, manipulated and sequenced them into this track. Thermal Events Are Neither Trash Cans Nor Wishing Wells. NJOY.


Quests and Themes: choose your own adventure Musique concrète national parks yellowstone siblings and a life partner


Grant Worth
December 01, 2021
Category is: Video - It's a Living Thing

I shot, edited, sound designed, and hatched this video work for Erez Sabag and Mia Le Journal

Unpredictable Issue XIII


Photographed in NYC by Erez Sabag

Starring Lizzette Pinto E Melo 

Fashion Editor - Michela Buratti 

Video and Sound Design - Grant Worth 

Makeup - Tobi Henney 

Casting Director - Barbara Pfister 

Producer - Roger Dong 

Photography Assistant - Michael Kyriankides 

Fashion Assistant - Amber Rose Smith

Quests and Themes: Lizzette Pinto e Melo Mundane Editorial

Creep Show

Grant Worth
November 01, 2021
Category is: Video - Criterion Collection

Holidays pass, but the horrors never end. "Pray, Montana" - My submission for the horror themed, third installment of Friend Film Festival.

Starring Laura and Tim Worth, featuring modular synth audio manipulation by Tim Worth. 

You've been warned

Quests and Themes: Pray MT Friends Film Festival Horror


Grant Worth
October 30, 2021
Category is: Video - It's a Living Thing

Last year during deep COVID, we made a music video for JJ Appleton's band Carbon County. "Get up and Die" Director of Photography Isaac Rosenthal

Quests and Themes: Carbon County JJ Appleton Isaac Rosenthal


Grant Worth
June 29, 2021
Category is: Video - Criterion Collection

I made an eye rest for dear AHRKH's new heart bliss track. You can ear swoon to the entire album and cradle a magenta vinyl in your gentle hands by visiting Zam Sam Records.

Quests and Themes: bliss waves AHRKH Head in the geometric clouds

Species Unite!

Grant Worth
May 08, 2021
Category is: Video - It's a Living Thing

I sound designed an audio bumper for Elizabeth Novogratz' inspirational podcast, Species Unite


Grant Worth
February 01, 2021
Category is: Video - It's a Living Thing

Some bill skills while the babes are steeping. Edited for Erez Sabag

Quests and Themes: get back in there grant


Grant Worth
September 30, 2020
Category is: What is Life?

How many days were you NOT ready, willing, and able to work?

If I listen to the loud voice, it strikes me as privileged and miserably self centered to work under the assumption that exploring personal relationships is somehow universally relatable. Sophomore year of college, I had a traumatic experience during the class, "Existential Imagination" when I had to give a book review in front of everyone. My inability to articulate my inability to relate to a philosophical perspective uninspired by nature's details and mystery - discontent with the pauses between unexpected, unplanned human joy - uninterested in inspecting the cobwebs of life and the other beings we encounter along the way - rendered me speechless and statue frozen. All eyes on me. 

Recently, I have no trouble relating to that Imagination. I know I'm not alone in hoping that when I wake up tomorrow, heart throbs I once had will have been magically reignited, or rather... worth the clicks on the clock. 

In February, I spent two weeks with my brother creating sound for Chapter Five of a long term video project I'm somewhere near the middle of - "Approaching Centroid" was the title of the show I had scheduled for June. If left unfinished, the time Tim and I spent together would have been enough. 

"HomoMuseical" takes a more personal turn, admiring the cat's cradle of one specific human relationship. Johan Huizinga's study of play in culture and the etymology of the word frame this chapter.

How many days were you NOT ready, willing, and able to work?

Play is Freedom!

Presented here is "Chapter 5 - HomoMuseical" on its own, as well as Chapters One though Five together at last. Please enjoy!

Proud to be included as part of Empirical Nonsense's 365 days of END

Quests and Themes: Axiom Anastomoses Bromo Chapter 5


Grant Worth
August 02, 2019
Category is: Video - Criterion Collection

We made a video for Bruno Coviello's BLISCORD track, "Hiding" - featuring Taja Cheek AKA L'Rain. Bliscord's debut, Body of Workis available now.

Quests and Themes: futurestaticemoji bliscord l'rain bruno coviello taja cheek


Grant Worth
June 03, 2019
Category is: What is Life?

THIS FRIDAY - Giant generous feelz to SSHH for inviting me to participate in their mini retrospective series. Come take the tour! We will be premiering Bliscord's new music video at 8PM.

On the eve of this certain Gemini’s fortieth solar circle, SSHH will present a collection of highlights from twenty years of making shit up and pointing at favorite hearts. It’s a technicolor creation story I think you know too. The hermit urge is heavy, but the truth turns out - all we’ve got is each other.

Quests and Themes: SSHH Bráulio Amado Nick Schiarizzi Any Peacock Polaroid Bliscord


Grant Worth
February 01, 2019
Category is: What is Life?
A group show - (No) FUN opens at Empirical Nonsense - February 1st. I will be showing selections from my Buckmister Fuller inspired KALEIDOSCOPE Polaroid series. Click the invite to view the edit
Quests and Themes: buckminster fuller powerplant better world heroes

Turn To The Left

Grant Worth
January 01, 2019
Category is: Video - It's a Living Thing

A few recent behind the scenes I edited for fashion photographer Erez Sabag - so grateful Erez lets me go wild.

Quests and Themes: no rules at work beauty things video editorial

Seasons Premiere

Grant Worth
July 25, 2018
Category is: What is Life?

Today begins the last two weeks of my show at Feature Hudson Foundation. Open Wednesday through Saturday 12-6pm. I'd love for you to see it. 

4 Stellar Artworks in NYC This Summer - By David Behringer

Quests and Themes: seriousmystery andalsojamesturrell bismuth alienskyscrapers elemental atomicnumber83 firstinfineartquestionmark

Show Timez!

Grant Worth
May 11, 2018
Category is: What is Life?




Feature Hudson Foundation, New York City, May 11, 2018Mission Fantastic presents SEASONS PREMIERE, Grant Worth’s first solo exhibition in five years and his first with Feature Hudson Foundation. The centerpiece, “Talkie Pharmakon,” is a feature length video manifesto for being, presented in four seasonal chapters. Worth describes the picture as “a sound designed-home movie-performance poem starring landscapes of the North American continent, Worth’s biological family, and a playful community of lighthouses whose hearts are woven together by living room dance floors and a cat’s cradle of glittered threads.” Each chapter features a unique style of aural exploration and a narration of texts written by John Muir, Terence McKenna, Bill McKibben, Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan, Albert Hofmann, Donna J. Haraway, and (The Original) Roseanne Barr.

SEASONS PREMIERE also features Worth’s first adventures in sculpture – a series of familiar awards fashioned out of the chemical element Bismuth (atomic number 83) as well a series of movie posters advertising collaboration and Staying with the Trouble.

Talkie Pharmakon” showtimes begin 30 minutes after the gallery opens and every 90 minutes until close. SEASONS PREMIERE opens at Feature Hudson Foundation May 11th with red carpet festivities from 6-8pm. Curtains down August 4th, 2018. 

Quests and Themes: talkiepharmakon seasonspremiere wizardstuff

A MISSION FANTASTIC is video, photography, and fresh adventures by Grant Worth and friends.

You are what you love.

A MISSION FANTASTIC is video, photography, and fresh adventures

by Grant Worth and friends. You are what you love.

A MISSION FANTASTIC by Grant Worth and friends.

You are what you love.


You are what you love.


You are what you love.


by Grant Worth


by Grant Worth