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12.31.15 -

...When the intro is also the final credits - ONE LAST log on the fire, 2015

Does pilot season still exist? Neither does this television show.

- It's always the beginning of something, right? Happy New Year!!! -

12.24.15 -

Conjure your light, Bless the dark.

Naked Lies (Never the End)
by Andrew Jordan and Grant Worth

Music - “Naked Lies” by BLISCORD (AKA Bruno Coviello)

Starring - Debbie Attias
Rebecca Conran, Autumn Costner, Renata Espinosa, and David Riley
Additional Camera - Alexander Kargaltsev Makeup - Eva Schmidt
Thank You - Sarah Apodaca, Baxton Alexander, David Baker, Wesley Bresette, Alex Lloyd, Colleen Macdonald, Stina Puotinen, Isaac Rosenthal, Ben Ross Davis, Megan Senior, and Leon Wong

Filmed at the Park Church Co-op in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

11.5.15 -



90 Polaroids from my series "Easter Glamour Portrait Studio" are part of the contemporary works included in "Stars of the Silver Screen" at TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto. The show runs through January 24th.

11.1.15 -





On Halloween, I was one of seven merry pranksters responsible for decorating, hosting, and performing at Meatball's PSYCHOPOP at the Maisonic Temple in Brooklyn. We constructed a zodiastic, Sistine Chapel orgy of masking tape bodies for the ceiling and tortured costumed gays on the stage all night long. Wish you could have been there!


9.18.15 -

During the Fall of 2011, as part of performance collective FCKNLZ, I participated in Session - Recess's signature artist's residency program. Over the course of eight weeks, FCKNLZ created an overwhelming amount or work. This week I've had the chance to revisit some of my favorite things we made.

In one exercise, each member of the collective assumed an exaggerated, cartoon version of themselves. We each crafted a life-size doll in our own image, and imagined the space our characters might thrive. Behold, the first of six FCKNLZ video portraits.

9.11.15 -



Andy Jordan and I collaborated on a video for “Pas De Detour,” a new work by Ellen Cornfield. The performance debuts this evening at University Settlement with two additional performances on Saturday.

Andy and I got a shout out in the New York Times review!

7.17.15 -


show card_back_6

I have work in an exciting group show upstate with TWO openings this weekend. The work is up through August 29th. ROAD TRIP!

5.6.15 -

!NEWS FLASH! I was super into musical theater as a preteen in the Midwest. I imagined as an adult I would effortlessly prance onto all the world's stage and screen. Only CHERYL can make all my unfulfilled fantasies come true.

I'm honored that I get to make things with them and that I got to star in their new video. Come to CHERYL at The Bell House this Saturday.

3.25.15 -



For Recess' Benefit 2015, I donated a Polaroid from my Buckminster Fuller inspired Kaleidoscope series, as well as an original FCKNLZ correspondance created during our residency at The Museum of Arts and Design. Support Recess!!!

2.12.15 -


The glorious Andrew Jordan is working on a new website to showcase his many talents. To celebrate, I made a new portrait of him.

1.8.15 -


Some of FCKNLZ's work from our residency at the ACE Hotel is included in “One Night Only” which opens tonight! The show is up through the end of January.

12.12.14 -


Images from two of my Polaroid series are included in Apogee Journal - Issue 4, along with many other treasures. Go Explore!

11.20.14 -


So excited for you to sleep with us! This weekend FCKNLZ presents “2Good2Sleep” for Creative Time's Fall Ball.

11.19.14 -


#NoFilter opens tomorrow at The Safari.

11.15.14 -


Tomorrow! The video segment I made for Psychic TV's “Dreams Less Sweet” features a coven of rainbow witches with their mouths full. The movie closes this year's MIX Experimental Film Festival.

10.15.14 -


FCKNLZ contributed a thorough trend report and a virtual catalog for Baron Magazine's Future of Sex Issue. Go get it Freaks!

9.30.14 -


I contributed a Google Shopping experience, “The Trouble With Sunshine” for Oakazine's 7th issue, The L.A. Mega Issue. OUT NOW!

9.11.14 -



Images from two different Polaroid series will be included in “Flannel and Glitter” which opens September 13th at Romani Gallery in Austin, Texas.

Please note that my photographs will hang alongside the work of Phyllis Diller, Bruce LaBruce, and practically every contestant of Ru Paul's Drag Race. Look at this little splurb on The Advocate !

8.26.14 -


Your favorite beauty and lifestyle collective, FCKNLZ, participated in a mini residency last weekend at the ACE Hotel.

Peep this write up about the project on Cool Hunting. There will be an event on September 7th showcasing each participating collective's work.

7.24.14 -

This music video has been steeping in the vault since last Summer. Take a dip in some Tropical Depression.

Check out more music by Banner and Floats.

6.12.14 -

Just in time for Summer, here's a video editorial I edited for Erez Sabag. In 2015, I predict paying our bills will always be this fun. Check out the EDITING department for more fashion work.

6.2.14 -


calder_fcknlz03 calder_fcknlz02

FCKNLZ for the Calder Foundation!

On 1 June 2014, the Calder Foundation invited a small group of artists to respond to the theme of “transformation” by activating a vacant Manhattan building through installations, performances, and social interventions.
“Transformations” featured Itzhak Beery, Alejandro Guzman, Takashi Horisaki and Nina Horisaki-Christens, Lauren Silberman, EL TRYPTOPHAN, and the artist collaborative FCKNLZ.

Photos by
Andy Jordan.

5.13.14 -

I contributed a video to Psychic TV's “Dreams Less Sweet” which screens at BAM today.

4.20.14 -

Happy Easter Glamour dear bunnies!

Easter Glamour Portrait Studio, 2009 - 2012

3.12.14 -

My video, “Chamomile, To Help with Sleep” will screen in London at the British Film Institute's Flare Film Festival on March 29th. Tickets HERE.

12.15.13 -

Several of my Polaroids are included in The Polaroid Years which opens this week at The Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, Florida. If you are planning to hit the beach this Winter, the show is up through the end of March, 2014.